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THE J.O.S.H. Foundation

The J.O.S.H. Foundation was created to support members of our community who have suffered the loss of a child with encouragement, understanding, and comfort. We are committed to being there for those touched by the loss of a child through remembrance initiatives and support services, honoring with integrity the memories we will always cherish.


Founded by Cindy Hughes, the J.O.S.H. Foundation began in memory of her 21-year old son Joshua Hughes, who was tragically killed in an automobile accident in 2003. The pain experienced by Cindy and her family was indescribable. It is like none other, and can truly only be understood by those who have also lost a child, of any age, for any reason.


So, Cindy set out to find a way to provide resources, support, and help to those parents, family members and friends who might also be suffering the loss of a child gone too soon. We invite everyone seeking support to join us in remembering their loved one.